Stormfiber HD Box Review

Stormfiber has gained great reputation for their Internet services in terms of consistency and customer support. Other then internet they do offer Analog & Digital TV services as well.

If you want to enjoy crystal clear HD TV reception the HD TV Box is there to please your eyes. For that you must already have their Internet services as it provides the basic setup required to set HD TV Box.

Not all the channels are in HD, but yes plenty.

Yes, not all the channel you will get in HD, but I suppose there is nothing Stormfiber can do if the channel itself do not broadcast in HD.

Setup Process:

You need to apply thru their online portal Here.Log in to your account and choose upgrade your package. Pay the amount required, and in couple of days, normally 2/3 days, their representative will be calling you for the installation.

Their normal Analog TV cable will be plugged into HD TV box which will be connected to TV with HDMI Cable.

Number of Chanel:

Stormfiber claims 200 channels, while we tested there were 196 channels live. That might be because of some Indian Sports channels which are restricted at this very time.


Well, HD Channels are treat to watch and rest SD channels are also quite fine. Definitely, you cannot and should not compare HD channel quality with SD, so without comparing SD channels will not disappoint you.


  • EPG: Electronic Program Guide.
  • Live TV Recording, you need a USB/Hard disk attached with TV Box.
  • Scheduled TV Recording, you can set in advance to record a channel for a time you think you will be away.
  • Categories. (explained below).
  • Learning Remote (explained below)

Recorded programs can only be watched on same HD box. You will not be able to watch them on your laptop to say.


It may sound very basic, but while using it ease out the process. Channels are categorized in different lists e.g. All Channel List, All HD Only Channels List, All Sports Channel, Local News, International News, Infotainment, Kids and so on. So, if you interested in Local news only, just select the list and while you change only channels in selected list will appear. It Helps.

Learning Remote:

No Artificial Intelligence applied here, as name suggests. Remote comes with TV Box can also control basic functions of your TV as well, so you dont need to look for your TV remote for volume control and on/off your TV. Same remote can control both devices i.e. TV Box and TV itself. But if you need other functions like changing picture mode from Standard to Dynamic or changing the source of your TV from TV Box to lets say NetFlix, for smart TVs,  you would still need TV Remote. So, you just cant keep you TV Remote at a safe place, you will still need it often.

Time Laps/Shift:

This is one thing we could not figure out. Many TV Setup boxes gives you the facility to pause and rewind live TV, but we could not do it with Stormfiber HD TV Box. It does make a folder in external media for the same, but somehow never worked.


If you want to please your eyes, go for it.



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