Secure App for Private Messaging – Message with Revealing ID – Wickr Me Review

Well, a messaging App? Why there is a need of one if we have WhatsApp, iMessaging and WeChat etc already. Well there are times when you dont want to reveal your id and look for a secure and feature rich app focused specifically on security. We have tested many of such apps and found Wickr Me the best safe & Secure app for many reasons as listed below.

End-to-End Encryption:

Wickr Me offers Strong End-To-End Encryption & No User Records

Mobile Number / Email address remains secret.

There are times when you dont whant to share you mobile number for messaging. With Wick Me, you just create a simple id. No phone or email id is required in the process. You assign your self a nick name, which you can share with the personal you want to exchange messages.

Password / Finger Print Protected:

The app can be easily configured with a password, fingerprint or face detection security feature. So, your messages are still safe even if you leave your mobile for a while. The feature is available on both Android and iOS.

Self-Destruct message:

You can set a time limit which once expires message will be deleted from all devices. Leaving no traces of messages.

Screen Shot Not Allowed or will be notified.

Another amazing feature is if someone takes a screen shot of messages, each party, or recipient, in case of group chat, will be notified that who took the screen shot and the image will be shared to all.

“Trusted by world leaders”

Wickr claims to be trusted by “world leaders, executives, journalists, human rights activists and your friends.” Reports say members of the Australian Government are using the app to keep their mobile conversations confidential.

The app is also endorsed by a range of “the most respected organizations in the world,” including iSEC Partners and Aspect Security.

Native App for almost all platforms: 

Wickr is a free download for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. That’s an advantage over Whatsapp, which doesn’t currently have native apps for desktop systems.

Get Wickr:

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