JBL Link Speaker Reviews – With Google Assistant


JBL always meant not only good but great sound experience. JBL has launched new series i.e. link series with built-in Google Assistant.

The Link 10 and 20 are shaped like soda cans (one 12 ounce, the other 24 ounce), and are covered in fabric with rubbery plastic caps on the top and bottom. The Link 300 is the same, just fatter than it is tall, with a somewhat ovular shape to it. It’s meant to look more like a speaker that ain’t going anywhere, because, well, it isn’t. Unlike its soda can-shaped siblings, the Link 300 has no battery so it’s not meant to travel.

Like most of other JBL speakers, link series also greet you with great sound experience but built-in Google Assistant makes it smart. Now, you can talk to your bluetooth speakers to play music for you.

The Link 10, 20, and 300 cannot match the sound of a Sonos One, or other top-notch speakers, but they do sound good enough to enjoy music without feeling like you’re listening to low-fidelity MP3s.

They may not win audio awards, the JBL Link 20 and 10 still sound sensational compared to many portable speakers their size. They can rock the socks off a casual party or shower jam session. The sound carries well, too, making it ideal for a deck party or small outdoor gathering. If sound is of top concern, the 10 Watt drivers in the Link 20 are considerably nicer than the 10. And though it has no battery at all, the larger Link 300 sounds clearer and fuller, thanks to its 89mm woofer and a tweeter for the high-end.

A Link to the Future

My favorite part of JBL’s Link lineup is the price. Take Google Assistant builtin feature while evaluating the prices and you will feel that Link series is priced very smartly. Like Link 10 is around Rs. 20,000/- in Pakistan market and Google Home is priced at Rs. 15,000/-. So you get Google Home builtin + JBL Speakers quality in Link Series. If you’re looking for a fantastic all-around smart speaker, the JBL Link 20 offers the most bang for your bucks.

JBL Link 10, Link 20, Link 30 is not available in Local Pakistani Market as well. We have yet to see link 500 anywhere in Pakistani market.




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