Bringing Smartphones from Abroad to Pakistan?

Traveling to Pakistan and want to bring a smart phone along? Sure, you can, no problems whatsoever. A couple of months back anyone was allowed to bring as many number of phones per year for their personal use or to gift someone. There was no involvement of PTA, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority,  in the process, but recently PTA, for many good reasons, has outlined some rules and regulations & a smartphone or any sort of device which is meant for making phone calls need to be registered with PTA. The Government has done a good job to make the process simple and straightforward and yet to facilitate travelers such devices can be registered on-line as well. We have tried to outline some basic questions below to help you understand the process.

 If you will be using your international sim you dont need to register your phone with PTA.

Can you bring more then one phone?

Yes, you are allowed to bring 5 (five) phones in a year for personal use.

Where to register?

You can do that through:

  1. the online portal system
  2. kiosk facility provided at the Customs desk

Are there any custom duties to pay?

One is free from any duties / taxes while if you have additional phones there are custom duty/taxes to pay.

How to register?

Upon Arrival:

When you arrive at Airport, look for PTA registration counter. All you need is the IMEI number of the device & CNIC/ Passport/ NICOP number (whichever applicable). Registration & custom duty and taxes, if applied as mentioned above, all will be done on same counter and your device will be registered instantly.

You would require to fill a form with yours and device details, form is available from same counter but you may download and print the declaration form beforehand and hand it to the customs authorities at the airport upon arrival to save time. Download form from Here.

Thru Online Portal: 

If you missed the counter at Airport, though that the most preferred method, you should register through online portal within 15 days of arrival.

  • Firstly, you will need to declare your mobile device’s IMEI to Customs and pay taxes (if applicable). You will receive the Customs detention document.
  • Visit:
    Upload the Customs detention document that you received, you CNIC/ Passport/ NICOP number (whichever applicable).

Thats all. You are done with the registration.

How much custom-duty & other taxes.

There are a lot of them :). Check Here.


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