Anker reaches Apple Store – Anker PowerCore Fusion

Anker PowerCore Fusion now available at the Apple Store, a USB-C wall charger that doubles as a portable battery.

Anker says:

We are charging experts and innovators
of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes


and Apple approves that by offering Anker’s PowerCore Fusion Charger to sell on it online store.

Anker PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery battery and charger is now available at’s online store.

If you have not picked by the name, this gadget is a battery and a charger all at the same time. With the new generation gallium nitrade chargers that enables Anker to fit the battery in side the charger casings.

What you get is a 42W charger — with a 30W USB-C output for juicing up your laptop or more demanding gadgets and another 12W via USB-A for fast-charging smartphones or tablets. That can also power an iPhone for an additional 23 hours from its own internal charge. Anker says the built-in battery holds a 5,000 mAh reserve.

Anker PowerCore Fusion is in the market for a while now, but Apple trusting Anker to sell it on Apple’s online store is a pride moment for Anker which has already earned and maintained the reputation of “America’s Leading USB Charging Brand”.



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